Glen Orchy, Glencoe and Loch Linnhe Loop, West Coast of the Scottish Highlands.

This ride is one of the most famous in Scotland – and for good reason. It offers unbeatable views, interesting stops, and towering mountains that make you feel like you’re riding through a film set.

Stage 1 (33 mins)

  • Glencoe to Bridge of Orchy
    Tip: Fill up your tank in Glencoe and make your way east towards The Meeting of Three Waters (which is a decent photo stop) and down to Bridge of Orchy.

Stage 2 (24 mins)

  • Bridge of Orchy to Dalmally
    Tip: The midges can get pretty bad around here during the warmer months of the year – so you might want to pack a midge net. The roads can also be uneven in places so it’s worth slowing it down to enjoy it properly.

Stage 3 (19 mins)

  • Dalmally to Taynuit
    Tip: The views get pretty stunning on this section but when it’s wet, it’s really wet. So make sure you’re prepared for all weathers before you go out.

Stage 4 (20 mins from Taynuit)

  • Optional detour down to Oban
    Tip: If you’ve got time, it’s probably worth going down to Oban. It’s famous for its chippies but there’s a whole lot more to this couthy town.

Stage 5 (31 mins)

  • Taynuilt to Portnacroish
    Tip: There are a few tight twists and turns up here. If you get stuck behind another vehicle, make sure you know it’s clear to overtake, and do so at a safe speed.

Stage 6 (23 mins)

  • Portnacroish to Glencoe
    Tip: Check out Shuna Island just off Portnacroish before blasting up the coast towards your final stop, Glencoe.

Stage 7

  • From Glencoe you can either:
  • Take a rest stop here – there are plenty of food and accommodation places.
  • Head up to take on the coastal loop.
  • Take a ride around the nearby 8 mile twisty forest loop.

Recommendations and detours

  • Check the forecast but plan for all weathers – conditions are so changeable in this part of the world.
  • There are tight corners and blind bends so keep your speed down. The roads might also get busy around the Oban area – especially during the summer.
  • Take rest stops when you need to. Fatigue lowers your concentration and reaction time so take your time, and take in the amazing scenery.
  • Oban makes a fantastic detour and is filled with a bunch of attractions, restaurants, and places to stay.
We are so lucky to have some of the best motorcycling routes in the world.

Mountain ambassadors - Rod and Brenda Mitchell

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