This iconic motorcycle route in Scotland has over 500 miles of prime motorcycling. It showcases the very best that the North Highlands has to offer; from lochs to glens to white sandy beaches and majestic castles – it’s all here. And, when you can bear to release the throttle, relax, stop for a rest and enjoy world-famous Caledonian hospitality. If you’re looking for a motorcycle experience in Scotland, the North Coast 500 is the ultimate.

Motorcycle to and from the Capital of the Highlands

The instant-classic motorcycle route in Scotland starts and finishes in the city of Inverness, capital of the Highlands. Most people choose a clockwise direction so that they’re riding next to the coast. However, this means you start the route with the challenging Bealach na Ba pass. If you wish to begin more gently, travel anti-clockwise.

Relax and enjoy what this Scottish motorcycle route has to offer

We strongly recommend leaving enough time for this route. It’s a long journey and there are no benefits to going too fast or riding tired. The correct pacing also gives you the opportunity to fully explore what the route has to offer: detour to a secluded beach; ride out to a castle; stop for a gourmet meal or try out white water rafting. There’s so much to experience on this motorcycle route!

Get a taste of that motorcycle ride

There’s nothing quite like the open road, but if you want to sample the route before leaving home, then you’re in luck. We’ve put together a short film showcasing just one section along the North Coast 500, giving you a true sense of why it’s considered one of Scotland’s best motorcycle routes.

Enjoy the motorcycle and stay safe

Remember, with every season, and every day, the roads change. Stay safe. Refresh your skills with our expert bikers here.


13 hours


516 miles


2,060 ft


57°28'42.8"N 4°13'36.5"W - 57°28'42.8"N 4°13'36.5"W