This 90-minute Scottish motorcycle route encompasses half of the rural A838, which runs to the very north coast of Scotland. The stunning ride passes remote Highland lochs until it joins up with a short section of the North Coast 500.

Head North

From the quaint village of Lairg at the south-eastern end of Loch Shin, head north up this Scottish motorcycle route until you reach a left-hand turn onto the A838. Here the sky opens up as you traverse the quiet road that runs parallel to the beautiful banks of Loch Shin. The single-track road has plenty of passing places, which are best to use when overtaking.

Meet the NC500

Still on the A838, you’ll meet the North Coast 500 as you turn right at Laxford Bridge, an old stone arch bridge built in the 19th century. At this point the road widens – and as you continue north to Durness, so too does the landscape. Rocky outcrops become sweeping hills and beaches the closer you get to your destination.

Live Fast, Die Old

Enjoy the ride and many more after. Go at your own pace, and if you’ve not been out for a while give yourself a little extra room to get your flow back. Check out some expert tips.


1 hour 30 minutes


57 miles


7 - 619 ft


58°01'29.1"N 4°23'48.1"W - 58°34'03.7"N 4°44'39.6"W