The summer riding season is fast approaching and many bikers are making plans for bigger ride-outs. We spoke to long-standing Live Fast Die Old ambassador Paul Crossan – usually accompanied by our favourite furry biker, Motorbike Milly – about making sure your riding skills are up to date ahead of the new season.

“I’ve been brushing up on my slow speed manoeuvres recently. The roads will be getting exceptionally busy again, and there will be an increase of jams and slow moving traffic. It helps me filter through traffic more confidentially.

I’d always recommend an advanced riding course of any kind to help ensure you get the safest and best enjoyment on your ride, however I’m very aware that this isn’t for everyone.

A tip I use regularly to help scrub up on my riding skills is to talk aloud to myself in my helmet, describing everything I see ahead of me while riding – like junctions, obstructions, road signs, road markings, and other road users. It increases my observation skills and helps prevent fatigue.”

Adam Smith