With the summer season just around the corner, how will you make sure your skills are up to scratch? We caught up with Jayne Tollan, our coastal road ambassador and Chairwoman of Evolution Women’s Motorcycle Club, who shared some of her top tips.

“My advice right now – and I’m doing this myself – is start off with small ‘chippy runs’ as I call them, or even do your shopping in the next town along, to ease yourself in and get used to your bike again.

It’s also important to build up your bike fitness. Lockdown hasn’t been kind to some of us physically, so maybe take the opportunity to visit your local bike shop to purchase some new bike clothing – or just for a social visit to meet other bikers.

Finally, remember the POWDERY check list before you head out – petrol, oil, water, damage, electrics, rubber, and yourself. Treat your bike to some nice fresh fuel, check oil and water levels and look for leaks, make sure indicators and brake lights are working properly.

Last but not least, make sure you’re feeling good and your head is clear. You WILL tire more easily after a break. Most importantly, enjoy your ride-out and stay sunny side up!”

Adam Smith