Motorcycle route, Kinlochleven Loop, on the West Coast of the Scottish Highlands.

This 20-mile stretch of the Scottish Highlands is a fantastic motorcycling route. Many riders report coming back to it again and again to enjoy the incredible Highland views and the bends… ahh the bends!

Route stage 1 (13 mins)

  • Glencoe – Kinlochleven
    Tip: This is among the best places to visit in the Scottish Highlands, but concentrate on the road when you’re motorcycling! This part of the route has  number of hellishly fun corners, so enjoy them, but do look out for other traffic on the roads.

Stage 2 (15 mins)

  • Kinlochleven to North Ballachulish (15 mins)
    Tip: The tarmac is smoother on this part and there are more tight corners. It’s worth stopping and taking your time to enjoy the breath-taking views. If you’re overtaking, always check your mirrors and don’t cut in too soon – then of course, be prepared to abort if something happens in front e.g. if a car puts their indicator on.
  • North Ballachulish to Glencoe (6 mins)
    Tip: Take it easy through North and South Ballachulish and keep an eye out for any unexpected hazards (e.g. animals on the road).

Stage 3

  • From Glencoe you can either:
  • Stop and enjoy some good food or a stay in local accommodation.
  • Tackle the same route in the opposite direction (clockwise).
  • Head up to the Ardnamurchan Loop, Coastal road.

Recommendations and detours on the motorcycle route

  • This is among the best places to visit in the Scottish Highlands – but it’s still the Scottish Highlands! Plan for wet roads, high winds, snow – check the forecast so that you know how treacherous the road surface is likely to be.
  • There are several blind corners and summits so keep your concentration up.
  • There are plenty of scenic laybys to take a rest stop (and a quick photo) when you need to.
  • If you fancy a stop halfway round, there’s a fantastic waterfall called the Grey Mare’s Tail in Kinlochleven, which is an easy walk from the car park.
  • If you’ve not been out much, your muscle reactions may be a bit slower, and you might not know if roads have changed.
  • Live fast, die old, and enjoy the route.
The scenery along the way is pretty spectacular so make sure you allow time on your travels to stop off and experience it.

Forest ambassador – Tam Reid