Scottish motorcycle route: Tyndrum and Appin A85, Argyll, North East Scotland.

Here’s the breathtaking Scottish motorcycle route we call 'Road to the Isles' broken down stage-by-stage. Epic scenery, sweeping S-bends and local seafood make this coastal route one of Scotland’s best. You could do this loop in a day or you could set up camp in Oban and tackle it section-by-section.

Route stage 1 (57 mins)

  • Oban – Lochgilphead
    Tip: Ride easy for the first 20 minutes; there are lots of hairpin bends as you climb up the coastal road. The road then changes to wide open stretches but, before you know it, you’re back into a series of tight corners. There are lots of lay-bys on this road so watch out for tourists by the side of the road.

Stage 2

  • Lochgilphead – Inveraray (34 mins)
    Tip: A good mix of long, smooth corners mixed with hairpin bends. Look out for surprising side roads and farm traffic on this stretch. Be wary of cars parked on verges – there will be a few people stopping to get pictures of Loch Fyne.

Stage 3

  • Inveraray – Tyndrum and the Green Welly Stop (39 mins)
    Tip: This stretch enjoys some of the smoothest bends in Scotland. If you get stuck behind another vehicle, wait for the next straight to overtake. There are plenty of opportunities to get passed if you take your time. Take a break at the Green Welly Stop – a favourite with bikers from all over the country.

Stage 4

  • Tyndrum – Oban (53 mins)
    Tip: You might be tempted to open the throttle round the bends on this last leg. However it’s well known as being a testing stretch of road. Remember to make good use of hand signals to let other vehicles know what you’re doing.

Recommendations and detours

  • Visit the Green Welly Stop as it’s popular with other bikers.
  • The roads are often wet so watch out for surface water.
  • This loop is easy access from Glasgow and Stirling.
  • Base yourself in Oban for lots of day trips, culture and castles.
  • And go easy if you’ve not been out for a while, the roads are getting busier again, and you may be out of practice.
  • Live fast, die old.
The perfect route to get to know your bike better